Correlation between age, testosterone and adiponectin concentrations, and sperm abnormalities in Simmental bulls

Baharun, Abdullah and Said, Syahruddin and Arifiantini, R.I and Karja, N.W.K Correlation between age, testosterone and adiponectin concentrations, and sperm abnormalities in Simmental bulls. Veterinary World.


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Background and aim: Capacity for sperm production is affected by age, which is related to the morphology of sperm abnormalities and can affect fertility. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between age and concentrations of testosterone and adiponectin with sperm abnormalities in Simmental bulls. Materials and methods: The study used 11 bulls, separated into three groups. The first group consisted of five bulls aged 4-5 years, and the second and third groups each consisted of three bulls, aged 6-7 and 8-10 years, respectively. The average sperm motility of the animals ranged from 57.66±2.60% to 70.17±0.22%. Blood samples were obtained from the coccygeal region of the animals. Testosterone and adiponectin analysis was performed using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method. Sperm morphology was evaluated using carbol fuchsin-eosin staining according to the Williams method. Finally, correlations between testosterone and adiponectin concentrations, age, and sperm abnormalities were analyzed using Pearson's correlation analysis. Results: The findings revealed a significant correlation (p<0.01) between the concentrations of testosterone and adiponectin (-0.538), age (-0.588), and abnormal sperm morphology (-0.912). Moreover, they revealed that the concentration of testosterone in the bulls aged 8-10 years was lower, at 21.89±4.56 ng/mL, compared to that in the bulls aged 4-5 years, at 36.15±1.29 ng/mL, and 6-7 years, at 35.16±5.39 ng/mL. The findings also revealed a positive correlation between adiponectin concentration and age (0.529) and sperm abnormalities (0.506). The increase in testosterone concentration was inversely related to the adiponectin concentration (-0.538). Moreover, the mean amount of abnormal sperm increased with increasing age: 3.82±0.33% in the group aged 4-5 years, and 4.40±0.72% and 10.20±1.97% in the groups aged 6-7 years and 8-10 years, respectively. Conclusion: The study data indicate that there is a decrease in testosterone concentration, a high adiponectin concentration, and an increase in abnormal sperm with increasing age in bulls.

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